About Caroli Park

Caroli Park is first and foremost a calm, accesible and non-commercial indoor park.

Basically, we are going to have access to the former church in Caroli, Malmö, Sweden for three weeks in September 2018. The transformation into Caroli Park is an open and collaborative process. What it actually becomes, depends to a large extent on the support and feedback from you – the user, the collaborator, the supporter, the owner, the creative, the neighbour…

We are a non-profit association called Urbana Frirum, founded in January 2018 in the end of our Master’s programme of Urban Studies at Malmö University. During our final year, we established the theoretical starting point for a new type of urban space – the indoor park.

The indoor park idea will be explained, imagined, and tested in the former church in the Caroli neighborhood in Malmö from 7th-30th September 2018, as Caroli Park.

We hope this project will inspire and challenge us all!