Support Caroli Park

To get engaged in the transformation into Caroli Park, for example by donating or loaning material, or to volunteer in the project, mail us at:

Do you have your own thoughts and ideas about this? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Things that we need

Furniture: Sofas, carpets, tables, armchairs, material leftovers that can be used for building, your own creations!

Plants:  What is a park without plants? … still a park, if you ask us. But there are many health benefits and positive things that come with filling up a place with greenery. We take potted plants, trees, hanging plants, whole modules etc. 

Cozy, interesting and fun stuff: art pieces, books, magazines, Blankets, pillows, games, knitting material,…. 

Your time: We will need volunteers who want to help to build up, fix, upcycle material, be creative with the design, transport material from A to B and to man the church during the opening hours.

Money: There are some administrative costs that are still not covered because we are underfunded. If you don’t have much time but some money and you want to help out, donate! You can find our bank account details here:

Bank Account Details (Sweden):
Bank: SEB
BG: 540-1780
Kontonr: 5501 11 646 16

Bank Account Details (International):
Name: Frirum
IBAN: SE1850000000055011164616